Friday, 8 October 2010

chosen city - Cairo, Egypt

From researching into various cities, I have decided Cairo for my location of a YO! Sushi. Cairo hasnt got its own individual vibe like other cites like night life of Las Vegas for an example but for me personally I feel you go the places like Cairo for the history; the Nile, Valley of the Kings, the ancient parts. People instantly think pyramids, desert, Tuthankhamun, Sphinx, mummies, etc when Egypt is mentioned.

I want my mural to include more of these things, the history behind Egypt but bring it to the 21st century with a modern illustrative style. The artwork on the walls inside the pyramids are ancient mural that i feel are really unique, as only the Egyptians had burial chambers with these and they told stories about there life. That's why the pyramids were built before they became pharaoh. I'm thinking maybe my mural could tell a story.

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