Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Yo! sushi used Helvetica for heading and descriptions of dishes in there existing menu and use Japanese page headers to reinforce the brand.

These are the typefaces that i have been looking at to use in my menu and i have decided to use Samarkan font, bottom right.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Menu design ideas

Outline design of my menu that folds into a 4 sided pyramid and the 5th side folds under. As the menu has alot of content, i decided to pick sushi, meaty, veggie, drinks and how it works.

Change of net

I have decided to change the plan from a 5 sided to a 3 sided because from a practical view a menu is handled alot and menu's that folds out tend to get tatty very easily. So with this design the sides will be fixed. Also there will be a large, medium and small pyramid that fit inside each-other like 'russian dolls'. The large one will have sushi, meaty and veggie like the original design, medium will have deserts and the small will have drinks. 

existing menu

Original Full cover

1 layout style

 linear style layout

3 column grid

Friday, 5 November 2010

Final mural

After different colour variations i have decided to go with the background colour outlines and the figures full colour black outline. i have also put the 6 bowls in full colour and added my own version of the YO! sushi logo, to emphasize the brand in the mural.

Mural in outlet