Thursday, 6 January 2011


I have found this project exciting and enjoyable, as I haven't really done re-branding to this extend and because of the volume of work I've had to produce, it feels more like a live brief. I am very pleased with my final overcome of my vector mural, as I originally didn't plan that root of illustration for my mural but now I feel it shows my city very clearly. As it does throughout my menu designs; pyramid shape and hieroglyphics wine label. 

After different colour variations the background colour outlines and the figures full colour black outline is eye-catching and illustrates my city and also putting the 6 bowls in full colour and added my own version of the YO! sushi logo, to emphasize the brand in the mural.

My menu design, is a practical 3D design. 3 pyramid shaped menus that fit inside each other like 'russian dolls' so it doesn't clutter the table area. That use elements from the existing Yo Sushi menu, arrows and plates.

My wine label, i decided to use part of my menu to create just a thin label which goes horizontal down the bottle.

My direct mail, i decided to use the 3D paper folding number game, so i to use  the coloured plates like on the menu which made it looks a lot more clean and it keeps continuity throughout the designs.

Overall I am very pleased with all my outcomes, as i feel i created my own style that it continued throughout which is aesthetically pleasing, practical where needed and fitting with my Yo Sushi Egypt.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Direct Mail ideas

Direct mail campaigns

Direct mail is usually a boring letter, leaflet that appears with your post which ends up in a draw or the bin, because it isn't that appealing or eye catching.

Existing Yo Sushi Campaigns

Yo Sushi are using the credit crunch for there current campaign and got a variety of offers on; 2 for 1 on cocktails, 25% off for students etc.

There also doing a 'win a £1000' for just giving them feedback on your meal online.


Staying with the 3D paper theme ( pyramid menus) i thinking of creating a direct mail campaign that you can interact with. Im going to adapt the paper number game or fortune teller. Also as my target audience are tourists, Im thinking of placing these either on the plane or in the hotel welcome packs.

With the design its just a square piece of paper that has a series of folds. The numbers 1 -4 always stay the same but underneath the number flaps can be anything. I originally had text in the place of the coloured plates, saying sorry try again and one saying won free starter but i decided that the coloured plates like on the menu looks a lot more clean and it keeps continuity throughout the designs.

So in theory pick a number, lift the flap, get a empty plate no free meal or get a plate with something on it you get it free, when you come into Yo Sushi Egypt.